Stay Home Sakoku blog

Mar 22

Turkish psychadelia thanks to Serhan aka MONDA LOCO. Awesome

Mar 23

Surveillance cams - a great video and song. Thanks to Mr. Booth, this is going in the hiki mix.

Mar 24

A very kawaii clip via radiovalerie…. maybe a sunday project is a stop motion using the blutack I have here.

Mar 25

Beautiful and haunting song by the Orbweavers from a mixtape by Homme

Mar 26

Gets me every time.

Mar 28

So did I tell you that my high school internship was with Recovery on ABC TV? I was a total band junkie and had a fanzine with my best friend called Mr. Ginormous. This was one of my faves back in adolescence. 

Mar 28

I was a Teenage Silverchair Fan.

Mar 28

My absolute teenage obsession for many years. Automatic. I could not believe that they were playing the week I did my #ABC internship. It was a gift from the Rock Gods.